Instant Protect - Mosquito Hammock

Instant Protect - Mosquito Hammock

Instant Protect - Mosquito Hammock

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Being able to relax in comfort is a necessity. With a normal hammock, you're put at risk of serious mosquito bites, tick bites, horsefly bites and lots more nasty bites from insects that shouldn't be disturbing our relaxing time away from home.

Our Instant Protect Hammock allows you to have a relax in peace without any annoying insects getting anywhere near you. It's specifically designed to ensure that you get a comfortable night's sleep without waking up to a red itchy face!

  • 100% protection from bugs - Mosquito net that repels nagging, pesky mosquitos and other blood-sucking insects.
  • Strong & Durable - Made from super strong nylon materials that are tear resistant and can hold over 400lbs (Two adults) easily
  • Multi function stuff pack - Provides convenient storage for phones, keys and wallets.
  • Perfect for any camping trip or even just a simple picnic.

Multi-Function Stuff Pack:
Don't worry about where to put your belongings! Our hammock has a storage pouch that will take good care of your phone, wallet and keys whilst you're relaxing!


Q1: What are the dimensions?

A: 25*17cm  when packed and 260cm*140cm when set-up.

Q2: What is the maximum weight it holds?

A: It can easily hold up to 2 average adults 200kg (440lbs)

Q3: Would a Mosquito be able to bit from the bottom?

A: No, it wouldn't! The bottom half of the hammock is made of the same material as a parachute. There's no chance of a mosquito biting through the bottom.

Everything needed to use your hammock comes INCLUDED: Hammock with Mosquito net, Ropes, strips (Extensions excluded), and Carabiners.