Cuddle-Mount Window Bed

Cuddle-Mount Window Bed

Cuddle-Mount Window Bed

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What does a cat want more than a cozy spot in a sunny window? Our Cuddle-Mount Window Bed is a sturdy & comfy bed with high quality suction cups that'll leave your cat feeling safe and at ease at height, in your home or even your car.

Heights ease anxiety

Long before your kitty was scaling the dining room curtains, his wild, just-as-agile ancestors were climbing trees to survey their meal options. Cats feel safe when they're up high, reducing anxiety. Especially there are small kids or dogs who may follow and annoy them. Our Cuddle-Mount Window Bed offers a place for your cat to be more relaxed and feel safe at height.

Let your cat rediscover comfort

The combination of the height aspect along with the comfortable curved edges will allow your cat to snuggle up like they never have before. The Cuddle-Mount Window Bed comes with FREE Extra Cozy Padding gift for your kitty. Even add your cat's most-loved blanket or pillow to make the bed feel even more homely.


  • Great for Senior cats & Kittens: The curved sides combined with the soft interior offers joint a muscle pain relief as well as a place for kittens to curl up into.
  • Perfect way to relax: Keep your cat calm, relaxed and cozy at height.
  • Washable: Yes, it is washable. We recommend to wash your Cuddle-Mount Window Bed by hand to keep the shape as good as new.
  • Sturdy & Comfy fit: The curved edges offer a comfortable fit for every cat and can withstand a weight of 10kg (Average cat weight = 3.6 - 4.5kg)
  • Includes a FREE Comfortable Cat mat gift.
  • Not sold in stores.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Cuddle-Mount Window Bed
  • 1 x FREE Cozy Padding Gift

Few Tips For Even Better Application: Clean your window well, clean the suction cups with hot water and soap (warm suction cups stick better). Dampen a paper towel and wipe the suction cups before sticking (not too wet or they will slide) and they will adhere firmly.