Cozynana Cat Bed

Cozynana Cat Bed

Cozynana Cat Bed

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Finally, a cozy, comfy and warm spot for your furry kid! Our Cozynana Bed is the perfect hideaway for your cat. It's super-cute and there will be no more hiding away the cat bed when guests come over! Its plush interior provides warmth, comfort and even has been proven to ease cat anxiety.

Eases Anxiety

Although a banana shaped bed doesn’t look very anxiety-reducing to us, the raised sides along with the open-top lid create a sense of security, activating the nervous system in a positive way which will allow your cat to relax quicker and sleep more soundly.

Avoid destructive behaviour

Often bored cats will create their own version of stimulation – which may include scratching furniture or destroying curtains for example. When the Cozynana Bed is around your cat will stay occupied and relaxed, avoiding any aggressive behaviour.



  • Great for Senior cats: The slouched back of the Banana-design combined with the soft interior offers joint and muscle pain relief.
  • Stimulates: A purr-fect way to stimulate your cat, keeping away all the negative behaviour that occurs when boredom strikes.
  • Open lid design: Give your cat some privacy & a place to sleep all in one.
  • Washable: Yes, it is washable. We recommend to wash your Cozynana Bed by hand to keep the shape as good as new.


  1. Over Grooming: A bored cat will often repeatedly lick, pull out fur, or chew their skin. Resulting in irritation.
  2. Fighting with other pets: If your cat suddenly starts a phase of fighting with other household pats, whether it be cats or dogs – This is a sign they might need more attention or activity.
  3. Destructive behaviour: Bored cats will often create their own version of stimulation – which can include scratching or destroying furniture.
  4. Over-eating: Cats eat as something to do, even if they aren’t that hungry. This can result in obesity and even depression!