PatchUp Paintless Dent Removal Tool

PatchUp Paintless Dent Removal Tool

PatchUp Paintless Dent Removal Tool

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Wouldn't you agree that one of the most annoying and frustrating things is finding a dent on your beloved car?

We all know the feeling… When you own a car you really can’t help the small, tedious dents that you acquire. You may come by these dents through forceful parking, someone hitting your car with their door or even hail damage.

We really cannot help it but the result of this is an ugly, dented car and it’s so expensive to get your car fixed at the repair shop. This is where our PatchUp Paintless Dent Removal Tool comes in…

Keep your vehicle spotless

Have you ever arrived at your car after shopping to find somebody has hit your car with their door? Annoying, right? Well, you’re in luck – With minimal effort, you can keep your car looking pristine all day, every day.

Save time & money

The typical route to get dents repaired is either deal with costly body shops and/or insurance companies. Neither are fun, right? Why not save yourself the hassle and the money with our robust PatchUp Paintless Dent Removal Tool.

Versatile design

The tough yet adaptable design of our PatchUp Paintless Dent Removal Tool allows you to eliminate minor-medium sized dents without damaging the original paint. Follow the 5 simple steps below to see just how easy it is to remove your vehicle dents once and for all.

  1. Clean the surface of the vehicle where the dent is
  2. Select a suitable tab size (assorted tab sizes are provided)
  3. Apply hot glue to the tab and press the tab down on the dent and let it set for 2-5 minutes
  4. Lock the Dent Removal Tool to the tab and squeeze the handles until the dent disappears
  5. Clean the surface of any remaining glue & done!

Repeat as many times as necessary in order to remove all of your dents and dings!

Package includes:

  • 1x Dent Removal Puller
  • 18x assorted car dent repair tabs (Ranging sizes)

Please note: The package does not arrive with a glue gun.