Baby Bottle Spoon

Baby Bottle Spoon

Baby Bottle Spoon

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Feeding your young one should be fun and easy, our unique baby bottle will change mealtime forever ! 👶🏻🍼

Why the Squeeze Design?

The squeeze design can effectively exercise the child's self-feeding and it's easy to control the intake. Soft silicone offers a gum massage and will not harm the child's mouth.


Strong Sealing

The Baby Bottle Spoon comes with a sealing cover to prevent dust build up and also food leakage, perfect for outdoor use!

Your baby's safety is our #1 priority

Commitment to product safety is what we are known for that's why our Baby Bottle Spoon is made Food-grade Silicone so it is safe for babies to nibble and munch on.

  • Easily dispense bite-sized amounts of food by gently squeezing!
  • Soft, bendy Spoon prevents crying from spoon withdrawal for a more peaceful feeding experience.
  • Dust Seal & Bottle Seal Included for On-The-Go feeding & storage!
  • Bottle includes a measurements guide which makes measuring simple.

The transition from a liquid-based diet to semi-solids can be confusing and difficult for your baby. Your little one may not immediately adapt to spoon-feeding after being used to bottle feeding for so long. 

The Baby Bottle Spoon combines the advantages of bottle feeding and spoon-feeding making the transition easier for both you and your baby. The bottle holds the baby into a single utensil! With one squeeze you get easy, mess-free, one-hand feeding!

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