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Purple Coral Dream Catcher

Purple Coral Dream Catcher

Purple Coral Dream Catcher

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According to Indian legend, the Dream Catcher traps bad dreams while the good ones pass through and slide down the feathers into the sleeper's mind. It is believed that the night air is filled with dreams and only a dream catcher can keep them safe and pass them down to the sleeper. Besides catching bad dreams, it is also a beautiful decorative piece!

Woven by hand, our Purple Coral Dream Catcher is crafted with threaded wicker string and vibrant feathers. Guaranteed to become the focal point of your bedroom. Sleep soundly in the presence of this woven beauty.

  • Sizing: 70cm Tall, Large circle has 20cm diameter (Please allow slight differences in sizes as this is a handmade product).
  • Catches bad dreams and nightmares.
  • Ideal to hang on your wall, mantle piece or window ledge. 
  • Assembled by hand.
  • The perfect gift!

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