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The Vintage Engraved Family Journal

The Vintage Engraved Family Journal

The Vintage Engraved Family Journal

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Get a loved one a very special gift! This is a beautiful notebook for writers, poets, travelers and as a diary or life planner. A great inspirational gift for your grandchild or daughter. Help them see their inherent worth and strength through difficult times! 

If you're buying for a child and they're still young, you can also record precious memories from their life and gift the journal to them when they're old enough to understand. Cherish the memories with them forever.

The messages imprinted on the cover read:

Granddaughter & Grandson:

"Never forget how much I love you
As you grow older
You will face many challenges in life
Just do your best
Life isn't about waiting
For the storm to pass
It's about learning to dance in the rain
Every day may not be good
But find something good in every day
Laugh, love, live
Follow your dreams
Believe in yourself
And remember to be awesome
I'll always be with you"


"I wish you the strength
To face challenges with confidence
Along with the wisdom
I wish you adventure on your journey
And may you always stop
To help someone along the way
Listen to your heart & take risks carefully
Remember how much you are loved
I am so proud of you"


"Wherever your journey
In life may take you
I pray you'll always be safe
Enjoy the ride and never forget
Your way back home
I'm always here for you"

There should never have to be a reason behind giving a loved one a thoughtful gift. They will love it!

  • Our journals feature a pristine leather cover material with a beautifully engraved message on the front for your loved one.
  • Features 3 card slots to store pictures.
  • Ziplock insert for your phone or valuables.
  • Cover material: PU Leather.
  • Size: 120mm x 200mm (4.7 x 7.9in).
  • Pages: 74.
  • Comes with a durable strap to keep your notes safe.

Please note: Due to the current COVID-19 situation and the huge order volume on this offer, please allow 2-4 weeks shipping time from your purchase date.