"You are my Sunshine" Sunshine Pillow – Imperiyal

"You are my Sunshine" Sunshine Pillow

"You are my Sunshine" Sunshine Pillow

"You are my Sunshine" Sunshine Pillow

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Sunflowers are known as "happy" flowers, for the way they bring joy to others. Their tendency to always turn towards the sun is a beautiful reminder of positivity and resilience. 

Blossom with happy thoughts and lift up your loved one's spirit with the most thoughtful gift. This is the perfect way to show someone you love exactly how much they mean to you and remind them that you are always there for them and that they should always look towards positivity, as sunflowers do.

  • A beautiful reminder to always be positive.
  • The best Christmas or Birthday gift!
  • Super cuddly: Made from extremely soft and durable Plush and Polypropylene Cotton.
  • Sizes Options: 45cm, 60cm and 70cm.

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