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Teddy Bear Storage Bean Bag

Teddy Bear Storage Bean Bag

Teddy Bear Storage Bean Bag

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How many teddy bears does your little one have? We bet it's hundreds! And, we bet you're sick of seeing them all around the house by now... Lucky for you, we have the perfect solution. And, it doubles as a comfy bean bag!

Save yourself the back-breaking task of picking up every bear and toy off the floor just for them to be found there again the next day. Immediately feel the weight lifted off your shoulders when you finally have tidy rooms and a play space!

Step 1: Find your little one's toys sprawled across the floor.
Step 2: Grab your Storage Bean Bag, open it up and put all of their toys into the bag.
Step 3: Place the bag into your child's room as a comfortable bean bag.
Step 4: Never worry about your child's room being a mess again!

  • Finally have your child's bedroom tidy.
  • Doubles as a comfortable bean bag when full.
  • Made to last - It'll be around until your child grows past the teddy bear stage!
  • Keep teddies stored well. Your little one will never have to say goodbye to another one of their plush friends.
  • Store more than stuffed animals - If your home is anything like ours, you'll know that stuffed animal toy storage is just the top of the decluttering iceberg. Stores extra throw pillows, blankets, favorite dress up costumes, anything soft and comfy.
  • Hide your clutter in style.
  • Sturdy Zip design.
  • Available in 2 sizes.

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